Napaway is a new kind of premium coach service that combines the comfort, privacy, and service of a first-class airline suite with the convenience and flexibility of bus travel. Both their business-class seats and first-class suites (with lie-flat beds!) offer a human-focused travel experience that’s easy and relaxing. They were in the process of finalizing the bus details when they reached out to us. 


They needed to market a product that wasn’t finished yet. Through the use of mockups and 3d renderings we were able to promote the product before it was done. Once the initial backend application was finalized we were able to build a WordPress website using the design style and connecting it to the backend. 

Our project approach and deliverables

Wireframes & Icon System

Through a series of meetings and concept sprints iterating on the UX and initial wireframes provided, we came worked directly with napaway to help streamline the web and booking process.  We built custom icons to help share the story of how unique their product was. 


Web Design by Brian White Design
Updated logo

The logo needed some love so we had to rebuild it to get everything right and customize the type. 


By using 3d images and mockups we were able to paint the idea of what it would be like on the bus. 


After the launch of their first bus we were able to get photos from Napaway. We built a new site we developed in WordPress and updated with all the imagery.


Initial page looks with a deep FAQ accordion system we initially developed (SASS) but moved to WordPress. 

UI Design by Brian White Design
Pickup locations
Booking screens

One of the web page variations we provided for booking. 

bus stop sign

Print Design based off initial design and new bus graphics (by wrap company and NASA provided imagery). 

exterior + interior


The project went smoothly in sprints as we didn’t know what type of work would be handed to us at any given time.  Over a few years the project grew and launched digitally and then finally physically. It was fun to see behind the scenes during the projects and see a full size bus come to life. Now they are working on launching more buses and stops! 



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