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Sara is an amazing marketer. Seriously. She’s passionate about what she does and is good at it. It took time, patience, and care to build her business. She reached out to us to brand her studio and get her personality to flow throughout. She could do it – she’s a wiz at canva and colors. But she trusted us to take it to the next level and give her to the tools to run and have fun. She’s an amazing businesswoman and we’re thankful to call her a client.

Our project approach and deliverables


Savvy Music Studio Custom WordPress

A few quick sketch ideas to kick off the logo process.


Sara’s personality was key to her brand which I captured through her cat glasses on the chosen brand direction. 


Sara’s personality was key to her selling points so I tried to best capture it through fun animations and mouse following illustrations. 


Sara is a wiz with social media and helps many studio’s get a leg up with her courses. 

“They developed an amazing and fabulous website for us. The features were great and it was user-friendly. It gave me confidence about what I do and my site became more professional as compared to what I had in the past. Most importantly, we received a lot of positive feedback about the sales page. My clients told me how much they love the site and that they really feel it captured my essence as a coach. 

It gave us the opportunity to connect with more music studio owners and online music educators. In addition, the sales pages they created for my courses helped me sell out a course this fall. Currently, I’ve got a waiting list for the course that would be relaunched in the spring.”

- Sara / Owner Savvy Music Studio


Coaching page with levels of opportunity. 


Everything was chosen to match her initial brand style


Sara is an avid blogger so having a clean, easy-to-use site was a top priority. Having blog posts sit for years with lots of interactivity helps keep her site sitting well with Search Engines. 


What was the scope of their involvement?

They designed a completely new logo and helped me create new style sheets with colors and fonts. They also built a WordPress site. 

In addition, I asked them to build a funnel that could take some of the manual things I was doing because it was time-consuming. The team also worked on adding people to the list and helped me send out emails. They worked to make that process automated for me by integrating my WooCommerce store with Zapier, and then sending it to my Mailchimp. They were able to set up a new Gmail address inside of my G-Suite where they performed a lot of services. Now, all of my tech stacks are in line and they made things work smoother. 

What is the team composition?

I worked with Brian (Primary Designer). He designed the logo, branding elements, beautiful illustrations, and other items on my website. He also had a couple of members in his team help him out with some of the tricky code inside of WordPress.

How did you come to work with Brian White Design?

I put a call out to one of the business groups that I’m in for voice teachers and I asked what designers they could recommend for the rebrand that I’m looking for. After that, Brian’s company was recommended to me by someone who also had logo work done by him. There were also other people that were recommended to me. I took the time to go through all their portfolios and I also got feedback from other people. I even met with another company who I considered working with. 

However, the reason I went with Brian White Design was because of their incredible portfolio. Their portfolio had an array of different types of businesses. I also saw that their designs didn’t have a similar look or style. Instead, they were able to tap into what each brand represented and the essence of each individual business. By seeing that, I knew that they were the company that I wanted to work with. 

-Sara / Owner Savvy Music Studio



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