Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving


Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving is a well-established Canadian professional moving company boasting over four decades of industry experience. They provide top-tier moving services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Canada. Notably, they have emerged as one of the rapidly expanding moving firms in the Canadian market. Recognizing the need for an updated online presence, their expert development team was eager to embark on the project. However, they sought us out first for a mobile-first design approach and improved User Experience to enhance their website.


The initial wireframes handed off were a good start to rethinking the site but needed clarity and brand direction. Brian White Design worked to clarify the brand direction, simplify the experience, and make everything possible easier for the user. Less clicks, more information. 

Our project approach and deliverables

Wireframes & Design System

Through a series of meetings and concept sprints iterating on the UX and initial wireframes provided, we came up with a design system that built onto their current brand.  The system helped create a systematic approach to the site layout making users feel comfortable in every page. By using part of their logo to create patterning, we helped liven up the site and help build brand recognition. 


HOMEPAGE with mobile nav

We designed this site mobile first due to the user base and how the site is used more like an app rather than a desktop site. Using slide out navigation to quickly jump to specific sections helps with scroll-fatigue. 


Pages to quickly help local potential customers understand the process and get signed up for a move. 

city-based templates

SEO is King for this type of company. We worked to create specific city-based landing pages for people to feel comfortable with the local services.  There are even sections with information about the city and what’s it’s like living there with fun facts, activities, and more. 

walkthrough screens

To help mobile users even more, we created a quick app-style walkthrough to quickly filter the move details based by type of house, bedrooms, etc. to quickly get a quote and give the Two Small Men Moving Sales team a leg up. 


The project went fairly fast as Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving team communicated well and helped streamline the process throughout the project. The graphics, pages, icons, and styles went over well! We are excited to see how the new site helps get their brand out and gets new customers. It’s said Canadian’s are very nice… and they are! 



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