Top Rated Clean UI Interfaces with UX Expertise.

Handling complex projects and simplifying your products for target users.

I specialize in web apps and landing page design for startups as well as mobile app design. I create visually aesthetic UI with clean and clear UX.

Why Work with Me?

My Project Process:

  1. Kickoff call to gather all the requirements and details

  2. Brief with project information

  3. User map of the product

  4. Black and white high fidelity wireframes to agree on content and layout

  5. Moodboard – collecting style examples and color combinations

  6. UI – applying color, adding visuals, adding copy

  7. Style guide and design system in Figma

"Brian provided a product which my business partners and I were very pleased with. High quality work, professional interaction with us in terms of promptness and good communication, but he was still friendly and understanding enough to be patient when we were indecisive about certain things. Would recommend him for the product alone, but the personal interaction made the experience complete for us!"

Nate Morsches


How I work




The lifecycle of a project starts with an estimate. First, I conduct a short call which lets me prepare a ballpark estimate. If the ballpark figure works for you, I then arrange an interview and prepare a detailed estimate. All project-based work is billed 1/2 up front, 1/2 for delivery.

The next step is the actual design work on the project. It sometime includes wireframing and initial concepting. It includes regular reports and conference calls with your team to keep the project on track.

The design stage is done in a stair-stepped approach. Each section or page is asked for sign-off to ensure the project continues down the right path. 

Post-release options may include supplemental design support along with adding more features and improvements.

Time & Material


time clock

For ongoing and larger projects, the “pay as you go” model can be more convenient for both parties. I offer this option as well. 

I track hours spent on your project, and issue you the invoices on a bi-monthly or monthly basis along with the reports on what’s been done in that period. 




Sprints are often a great option for start-ups, product ideas & ideation, and MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product). These are paid up-front and I work off the hours.  By using this model any time-gaps open are filled in with your product making the turnaround time usually faster. Sprints are usually done in 10, 20, 30, and 40 hours. 

My typical technology stack

Some of my areas of expertise

Companies I have had the privilege working with the past 25 years.

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Web Apps

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Mobile Apps

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Design Systems

Interface Design

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What Can I Make For You Today?

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